Janna B.
Feeling better than ever! I am 74 years old and thought I was "too old to feel better." I used to have that "hurt all over" feeling when I got up in the morning, and it would last for several hours. I also suffered from rather frightening shortness of breath and pain in my feet. After several Applied Vascular Therapy sessions with Roberta, each of which resolved my  discomforts and greatly improved my breathing, I decided to purchase my own BEMER Pro set. I now wake up feeling better than ever, I have greater endurance, and I no longer suffer from breathing problems.
Robyn W.
I'm a true believer! I went in with pain in my neck and hip, and left with NO pain. I am a true believer in Applied Vascular Therapy, and will be back for more. I am still basically pain free!
Kristy P.
What an amazing therapy! My first Applied Vascular Therapy session was amazing. I came in with painful hands and reduced range of motion in my right arm. I left with no pain and with full range of motion! The next day I could tell my back muscles were much looser; it was a super nice feeling. The results I experienced were so positive I now have a BEMER Pro set of my own that my family and I use daily at home.
Gary T.
I left feeling fantastic I came in feeling achy all over, and after my 30 minute Applied Vascular Therapy session I felt fantastic!
Denise G.
Very Knowledgeable! Had a great first experience at Massage TLC. Roberta addressed all of my areas of concern and then some. Loved that she took the time to explain and also provided stretches & exercises I can do on my own. Above and beyond is all that comes to mind here!
Jennifer M.
Amazing results in just one session. During my first Applied Vascular Therapy session my back pain totally disappeared and my neck and hip pain were reduced by 80%. I slept great that night, and work up with more energy! I then went to a spin class at the gym and had more endurance than ever!
Stacy F.
Love this innovative therapy My family and I had our first Applied Vascular Therapy session in early June, and we experienced such great results that we twice purchased a series of 10 sessions at Massage TLC. The more we learned about the life-transforming health benefits of this leading-edge technology the more we realized we wanted to benefit from twice-a-day sessions in our own home. So before we completed our second series of 10 sessions we purchased our own BEMER Pro set, and we are SO glad we did!
Daniel F.
Wow. Just plain wow. Wow. In just one Applied Vascular Therapy session I experienced a 90% reduction in the pain in my knees and ankles I had been suffering with for years. Thanks Roberta!
Pamela A.
Better sleep and no more pain I slept really well the night after my initial Applied Vascular Therapy session, and my back pain has not come back.
Lauri C.
Roberta's new therapy is really amazing I was amazed that the Applied Vascular Therapy immediately cleared the blurred vision I had been having from my seasonal allergies.
Marci L.
No more low back pain Applied Vascular Therapy totally eliminated my low back pain!
Susan K.
Less pain, greater mental clarity I came in for shoulder and back pain, and after my Applied Vascular Therapy session I had no shoulder pain and only a little pain left in my back. I left feeling lighter, at peace, balanced, and with far greater mental clarity. I was so blow away by the results that I am now benefitting from the use of my own BEMER Pro set right at home!
Sarita R.
Left pain free and slept better I tried Applied Vascular Therapy for neck and glute pain. I left totally pain free, and felt peaceful, restful, and lighter. I also slept quite well the night after my first session.
Shanna C.
Better than her reviews I knew I needed a massage so I searched google and Massage TLC came up. I read one of the comments and it was extremely positive so I thought this would be an excellent choice. But, that five-star glowing comment did not do her justice! Roberta is not only an immaculate professional but immediately greets you with the warmth of a long lost friend which makes it effortless and natural to relax and open up with her. I went in with an open mind and a stress level that I genuinely rated as 10. I left with a stress level that I could not even rate. BEMER and EFT are amazing therapies. Her gifted massage techniques zoned in on my trouble spots that needed work. I cannot wait to book my next therapeutic massage with Roberta.
Jenny M.
I highly recommend Roberta! I received a massage and facial from Roberta for the first time yesterday (December 19th) and it was the best massage and facial I've ever had! I love how Roberta takes the time to get to know me and attends to my own personal needs. My appointment was scheduled for an hour and a half, and I received every minute of my service! I never felt rushed or jipped out of time. I was well taken care of and attended to! I loved Roberta so much that I already scheduled my next appointment in January! I highly recommend Roberta for any service you are seeking!
Cathy K.
Best massage I've ever had! Wow. This was hands down the best massage I've ever had. I have arthritis and stiff joints and rely on a massage to keep me limber instead of drugs. Roberta talked to me, and when she began to work on my stiff shoulder and back it was amazing. I truly felt like I had had an out of body experience when I left. If was amazing!
Marci C.
A calming and relaxing environment I had a great massage, and Roberta is a very caring person. It is a very calming and relaxing environment and I left feeling so much better. I highly recommend Roberta!
Kelly G.
Would be a bargain at twice the price! I regularly see Roberta for massage, and I feel that there is tremendous value in the service she provides. She takes great care to treat each issue in the best possible way and can provide a wide scope of treatments. Her space is warm and inviting and her massage would be a bargain at twice the price!
Janice S.
Most experienced therapist I've ever seen I have had many massages in my life, but none by a therapist more experienced than Roberta. She keeps up on the latest developments and really listens to what you have to say. I have experienced many of her therapies and could not recommend a better person to soothe your pains.
Deb C.
Best massage ever Best massage I have ever had. Roberta is excellent. I have had several massages from her and she's not just about giving me a feel-good massage (which she does) but she's about releasing the tension and pain so that I feel good long after the massage is over. She's both technical and intuitive which is rare. SO DO SOMETHING GOOD FOR YOURSELF - BOOK AN APPOINTMENT WITH ROBERTA!!!!
Corinne R.
I left pain free on my first visit! An hour with Roberta is an hour well spent. Roberta is kind and caring, and always tuned in to the needs of her clients. I had suffered for several years with back pain, making weekly trips to a chiropractor for temporary relief. Then a friend suggested Massage TLC. On my first visit, Roberta took the time to listen to me and was able to determine the root of the problem. I left pain free that day, and have been pain free for over a year, returning to Massage TLC for a refreshing self-treat. I may walk in feeling tired and run down, but I always leave feeling rejuvenated and invigorated.
Shaun L.
Highly recommend I came in with shoulder pain and not much range of motion. After my appointment, I left with no shoulder pain and 50% more range of motion. I highly recommend Roberta.
Brandi V.
A world of relaxation and peace Stepping into Roberta's place is like stepping into a world of relaxation and peace. You can feel she truly cares about you, and getting treated by her is such a treat!! I leave rejuvenated and fulfilled. Roberta puts 100% TLC into my treatment, and I love all the different methods she offers. It is truly an experience you will never forget! Highly recommend!
Jon B.
A true professional I have visited several times, and I would definitely recommend Roberta to anyone looking for a highly experienced, skilled therapist. I have received a variety of treatments from her and have been very pleased with the results. I think just about every time I fail to mention an area where I am experiencing some pain, Roberta finds it anyway! She is a true professional.
Barb M.
Highly recommend visiting Roberta always makes time for her clients. She provides a relaxing and comfortable environment. She is never rushed, and takes time to make sure you feel great before leaving! Highly recommend visiting!
Robert B.
What an awesome experience Just the best massages I have ever had. I enjoy them so much I have Roberta on "retainer" :) Thanks again for all you do. I always feel like a million bucks and a new person when I leave.
Diana N.
Roberta is a blessing Roberta made me feel very safe and comfortable for my first massage ever. I love her work and highly recommend her talent and compassion. Roberta is a blessing, and I will definitely continue with her for my healing needs.
Julila A.
The ideal therapist As an avid rock climber, I am a frequent client at Massage TLC, and I love the fact Roberta is trained in numerous techniques, including sports massage. Whether I need a relaxing massage after a stressful day at work, or a sports massage after an intense rock climbing workout, I've found Roberta to be the ideal therapist. I love the facilities, and I believe regular massages by Roberta have helped improve my athletic performance while reducing my recovery times between workouts. I have referred many of my friends and family to her, and everyone who visited has thanked me for sending them her way. If you're looking for a therapist who takes time to get to know you, and truly cares about helping you be the best you can be, I highly recommend you see Roberta
Pat W.
An exceptional experience From the moment you walk in all your senses are attacked in a relaxing soothing way. Roberta is very warm and knowledgeable about many different techniques. She listens and then applies those to customize the massage experience for you. An exceptional experience, and do not hesitate to try it for yourself.
Nieves E.
You can't do better Roberta pays attention to detail. She makes sure you are more than satisfied. Her gentle yet firm touch relaxed and restored my mind and body to health. If you desire a peaceful time of rest and relaxation, I recommend Roberta.
Casey M.
Roberta is awesome! Roberta is a true expert in her field. She provides a very comfortable, warm and relaxing atmosphere, starting with the distilled water made fresh daily and the heated massage table. She has a gift. You can tell she truly cares about you and your health. Roberta is awesome!
Melinde M.
Makes all my past massages mediocre This was the best massage I have ever experienced. Wonderful experience and my therapist was fantastic. I now could not imagine going anywhere else. Totally relaxing.
David Run4Life
Finished 50K run thanks to Roberta You probably have a lot of different pains, but runners have many. You may have a bad foot (aka flat feet) that creates perfect conditions plantar fasciitis (aka PF). Eliminating PF is a major deal, and I just finished a 50K trail run thanks largely to Roberta. We utilized the Egoscue method (get Pete Egoscue’s book on Pain Free). Luckily for us all, Roberta is in our Metroplex area and has been trained through his school. You know you are on the trail to healing once you can start walking barefoot. Hope to see you too at the finish line!
Cindy B.
My absolute best massage experience Roberta welcomed me at the door into her beautiful, relaxing spa. It was the beginning of what was my absolute best massage experience. From the get-go, Roberta listened carefully to me about problem areas, and then my feet told her of other problem areas that were right on target. My massage was therapeutic yet very nurturing. I could feel the healing energy in Roberta's touch, and when she was finished, I felt wonderful. I haven't had such great range of motion in my neck in quite some time, and my problem shoulder hasn't felt this good in ages. I will definitely go back!
Steve C.
By far one of THE BEST Roberta is by far one of THE BEST massage therapists that I have had work on me. The thing that sets her apart from the rest is that if one technique doesn’t release the muscle she knows another that will. She listens and strives very hard to ensure all your muscle pain and tension is released. If you’re looking for a massage therapist you must give Roberta a try. You will be happy you did.
Adele F.
Very professional Great session, I liked the variety and customization to work on areas I needed using different techniques. Roberta was very professional, and offered some helpful post massage tips to help keep the tight areas less tight.
Teresa G.
A first class experience My first massage treatment was the raindrop using Young Living Essential Oils. I was very impressed with Roberta's knowledge and totally enjoyed my massage. She met me at the door and that was just the beginning of the personal treatment. Roberta is definitely interested in your well-being and is eager to advise and help you in any way. She is 100% professional and I will be going back in the near future.
Joseph S.
An extensively knowledgeable therapist I needed a therapeutic massage because of (bunion) pain in my right foot. I went in with pain and discomfort and left with no pain or discomfort! What I most enjoyed was Roberta's broad knowledge of therapy options, the treatments she used, and her suggestions for what to do at home. With her extensive knowledge, I believe Roberta could help most anyone. After the session, I was impressed that Roberta (who had exceeded my expectations) asked if she could have done anything to make my experience better. She then followed up a day or two later to see how I was doing. This is the type of excellence in customer service you rarely find anywhere nowadays! I will definitely be back!
Angela G.
The most talented therapist I've encountered I work with Roberta whenever I can. She is the most skilled, professional, and talented massage therapist I have ever encountered and I have gotten one or two massages a month for the last 8 years. She has a genuine gift and a real commitment to state-of-the-art practice that is unrivaled. Whatever your reason for wanting a massage, Roberta is probably the best therapist for you! I go in feeling achy and come out feeling relaxed and refreshed.
Kelly D.
One of the best massages I've ever had I thoroughly enjoyed my first massage with Roberta. She took her time and made sure she addressed all of my concerns and needs. I left feeling so much better and will definitely be back to see her. One of the best, most thorough massages I have ever had!
Jeff L.
Left with no more pain Wonderful first visit. Left without any pains or aches and with much more flexibility
Krish P.
I was blown away by the service I am also a Massage Therapist, so I tend to be extra critical of massages I receive. I was BLOWN AWAY at the service quality that is provided!!! I was greeted by name at the door and walked into a "heavenly" place. Roberta was just the sweetest lady with such a great amount of knowledge on so many areas. Within a few minutes of being on the table, I was already so relaxed—this is quite hard for me to do with my everyday life. I came in with a stress and pain level on about an average of 6. The attention to detail of my body needs and the vast number of different things that were provided was just unexplainable. When we were finished, Roberta sat down with me and asked questions to ensure she met or exceeded all of my needs. I left feeling I was walking on clouds, and at a pain and stress level of ZERO! I would HIGHLY encourage everyone to visit Roberta!
Pam A.
Can't wait to go back Roberta listened and provided a fantastic experience. She relieved my sciatica pain—a huge success. I cannot wait to return.
Heather P.
Most amazing experience ever This was by far the most amazing massage experience ever. Roberta is so caring & completely invested in her time with you. She is totally focused on your healing.
Kristi M.
Great experience! My massage was great! I walked away feeling so much better and relaxed. Roberta really cares that you walk away with the experience that you came in for. I can't wait for my next massage.
Peggy F.
Truly a one-stop healing experience My first visit with Roberta was totally and completely a wonderful experience. Roberta is a compassionate healing enthusiast who listens and does research to assist you with whatever issues you are dealing with. She goes above and beyond your expectations. Even before my first visit, she was assisting me in dealing with my numerous health issues. This is truly a one-stop healing experience.Even before my first visit, she was assisting me in dealing with my numerous health issues. This is truly a one stop healing experience.
Normalea R.
Love the many treatment options I have gone to many spas from coast to coast and Roberta is as good or better than any of them. I will definitely keep going back. She is not only good, she gives you many treatment options to choose from other than the norm. Love it!!
Diane S.
What a delight! What a delight! Roberta is the consummate professional, totally focused on your well-being. I went to see her for help with long-standing neck spasms and stress; I left relaxed, pampered, and in far better physical and emotional condition than when I came. She employed several modalities to relieve my pain, each one comforting and healing. It was the best two hours I've spent in a very long time
Eyvonne C.
Better than physical therapy I have had many different massages over the years. I was a runner and went to Roberta initially for a massage before a long race. She was amazing. I continued to go see her when I felt stiff or sore. I was always very pleased. Later on, I had a car accident and again called on Roberta. I gained more benefit from her massage than I did from two weeks of Physical Therapy. She knows every type of massage and will listen to what you need and she will help you. I promise!
Natalie K.
Fabulous! It was fabulous! I am looking forward to many more visit!
Kerri S.
Raises the bar I cannot say enough good about Roberta and Massage TLC. From the moment she greeted me at the door, her attention to detail and determination to accommodate were evident. Pain dissipated, relaxation achieved, and expectations exceeded. Expect your standards to be raised after experiencing a massage at Massage TLC.
Debbie V.
100% recommend What an incredible, relaxing and rejuvenating massage I received from Roberta today! It was evident upon entering the spa environment that every effort was made to ensure that her clients receive the most special experience. Roberta uses her expertise in several modalities to ensure that you leave feeling much better than when you went in. I went in with serious shoulder blade and neck pain that I had been experiencing for months and left with no pain. It is evident that Roberta has a gift and a passion to help her clients feel special and feel better. I recommend Roberta 100 percent!
Cheryl S.
Awesome experience!!!! First time to have a massage, and definitely will not be the last. Already booked my second.
Cathy P.
Amazed and completely satisfied I was amazed and completely satisfied due to the release of stress, pain, and tension in my neck, back and joints once Roberta performed her magic. She has an extraordinary GIFT and I would recommend that everyone and anyone looking for a therapist and go visit Roberta. You will leave pain free and moved by the experience! I can't wait to go to my next appointment! Freedom!!!
Sameer C.
Great facility, great therapist! Roberta is extremely passionate about her job and you can see that from the excellent care she takes of you from beginning to the end of the massage session. She knew exactly what areas to focus on to relive the discomfort I was feeling. Her use of hot packs and also the Percussion device at the end of the session made me feel very relaxed. Her massage facility is also very comforting. Most importantly, it is very clear that her main goal is for her clients to feel better at the end of the session. I would definitely recommend everybody to try her services out.
DayLynn D.
A wonderful experience Roberta has this unbelievable gift of healing. Her massages will help you feel better if you have sore muscles or you just need to relax. You will feel safe and secure when getting one of her incredible massages! I highly recommend her to anyone. If you have never had a massage and feel a little uncomfortable Roberta is the one to go see. She will make you feel comfortable and ease your mind. What more can I say she is wonderful!!!!!
Allen B.
Best therapist ever Roberta is the most caring, and talented, therapist I have ever been to. She seems to have an amazing knack for knowing exactly what the cause of my muscular pain and tension is, and then focuses her attention on providing me with lasting relief. No matter how "stressed out" I am when I arrive, I always leave with no pain, and no stress. Whether you're looking to reduce stress, relieve pain, or just relax--you can't go wrong here!
Natasha H.
I am an avid fan and promoter For almost 3 years I've had a recurring neck pain that countless massages, active release therapy, heating pads, etc. couldn't resolve. I was really skeptical that anything would help. A friend referred me to Roberta and the moment I walked into her office, I knew this was going to be a different experience. Roberta is a consummate professional and genuinely cares about you and the best way to treat your particular issue. She was incredibly attentive and while she seemed very nice, I still had pings of doubt. To my amazement, after my session my pain was completely gone and months later it still hasn't returned. I actually waited some time to write my review for those who might be skeptics I was. I'm now an avid Roberta promoter and can't recommend her enough.
Jeff S.
Left amazingly relaxed and at peace Went in for a couples massage. We were both in need for a relaxing massage. I was leery of getting massage again, due to the last place I went left me hurting for over a month. We both left so relaxed we couldn't believe it. We will definitely be back, hopefully in the next couple of weeks.
Ileana R.
Totally impressed I was very impressed by Roberta. She not only provided a relaxing atmosphere for the massage but took the time to determine all of my trouble areas. Roberta did several different techniques that addressed my pain and discomfort. She also has a wealth of information to share on total body health. After my massage I was so relaxed that I came home and was able to fall asleep easily, which is always difficult for me. I would recommend Roberta to my family and friends. She was awesome.
Mel C.
Awesome! Service was awesome. I will definitely be back!
Kenneth G.
The best! This is the best place to go!
Debbie J.
A very healing experience I have been very sick for over a year. Had my gallbladder removed and a hysterectomy. I have not been recovering from gallbladder surgery as most do. I had my first session with Roberta last night and immediately after I left I felt a huge difference not just physically but mentally as well. I can’t wait to go back. I see healing in my future. One thing that I really wanted to touch on is it’s very important to me that I am able to read someone’s heart and Roberta’s heart is very easy to read. She has a sweet spirit and a very deep, soft soul and is clearly passionate about what she does. I’m thankful that God chose her for me in my healing journey.
Natalie C.
My most favorite massage, ever Roberta is amazing! The most favorite massage I've ever had. I felt relaxed and comfortable from the moment I stepped in the door until I left.
Pam H.
I will definitely be back I really enjoyed my massage with Roberta! I left feeling 100% more relaxed and ready to face the new year. She offered additional tips to help me maintain my relaxed state. It was obvious she cares about her customers. I will be returning and recommending her business to all of my friends!
Sandy O.
Best prenatal massage ever I'm 35 weeks pregnant and I just got the best massage ever. I highly recommend Roberta. She was amazing! It was a very comfortable and beneficial experience. She helped me with my pregnancy ailments and my neck tension I had from before pregnancy. Thank you Roberta, I hope to see you soon! :)
Tamera S.
What a gifted therapist My time with Roberta was inspiring and relaxing! She is so gifted in, not only massage, but also energy/intuitive work. I left there receiving so much more than I expected.
Kathleen N.
Definitely recommend Relaxing, a definite stress reliever, calm, a perfect example of the statement "Calgon, take me away!" I will be going back. Recommending her to my family and friends. Thank you.
Jess L.
Really knows her stuff! Roberta is amazing! She really listens to your needs, and works hard to fix the problem! She is also very good at what she does! She really knows her stuff!! I highly recommend her!
Angela W.
Highly recommend Roberta is a gifted and thorough healer. I came in with some serious tightness in my lower back and legs due to sciatica, and after one hour left with no pain and much more limber. Seriously! She is so easy to talk to, and very intuitive. My husband came with me just to tag along, and he was complaining of his chronic leg pain...she performed EFT on him for free which brought him great relief. I felt great after my massage/EFT, and to top it off it was an added bonus that my husband had his first night of sleep with no leg pain in MONTHS. I highly recommend Roberta, and both my husband and I will be back again!
Anita Z.
The most relaxing experience I've ever had Massage TLC is the most relaxing experience I have had in a massage facility ever, and is exactly what I need at this time. Roberta is very knowledgeable about so many medical conditions and understands how they should be approached. Her attention to my specific medical problems is very much appreciated and the many treatments she offers so helpful. Where else can one go and get so many treatments within a short time period. I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for pure relaxation or for help with a medical problem.
Vineet K.
I would recommend Roberta to anyone I was having pain in my shoulder blades and upper neck area for couple weeks - I am a computer consultant and spend most of the work day in front of computer. I also travel a lot for my work - so the travel and long work hours were taking a toll on my back. Roberta listened to my issues patiently and did a deep tissue massage to relieve strain on my muscles. I could see that she loves what she does and she is very passionate about patients' issues. She was not pushy at all and willing and flexible to work with me. She also taught me a few stretching exercises. I would recommend Roberta to my friends in a heartbeat--she is a delight to talk to, a very nice person and very caring. I am glad I found her. The day after my massage on 10/13, I was having some soreness in some areas and I emailed Roberta. She was so kind to call me and offer me a tune-up to take care of soreness. How many massage therapists you know of would do that kind of customer service. Roberta, you are doing a great service for people. I am so grateful to you ! I will see you soon.listened to my issues patiently and did a deep tissue massage to relieve strain on my muscles. I could see that she loves what she does and she is very passionate about patients' issues. She was not pushy at all and willing and flexible to work with me. She also taught me a few stretching exercises. I would recommend Roberta to my friends in a heartbeat - she is a delight to talk to, a very nice person and very caring. I am glad I found her. The day after my massage on 10/13 - I was having some soreness in some areas and I emailed Roberta. She was so kind to call me and offer me a tune-up to take care of soreness. How many massage therapists you know of would do that kind of customer service. Roberta - you are doing a great service for people. I am so grateful to you ! I will see you soon.
Heather O.
Well worth the drive! Roberta was great and the atmosphere at Massage TLC is the best I've experienced. Roberta is full of energy, and you can tell she loves what she does. She even went over my allotted time and employed several different methods to get rid of my back pain. The studio is 45 minutes from my home, but well worth the drive. I highly recommend her! I went to see her regarding the Egoscue method and could already tell a difference when I left. I like the idea of being able to help myself with the recommended exercises I was given and being in control of my own health. Thank you, Roberta,! I'm sure I'll be back again!studio is 45 minutes from my home, but well worth the drive. I highly recommend her! I went to see her regarding the Egoscue method and could already tell a difference when I left - I the idea of being able to help myself with the recommended exercises I was given - being in control of my own health. Thank you Roberta - I'm sure I'll be back again!
Denise L.
You need to go see her! I first found Roberta because I was looking to try 'cupping'. After spending a few minutes on the phone with her, I knew that she was going to be awesome. And I wasn't wrong. She is very knowledgeable, caring and compassionate. She works with you on whatever ailments you may have and really cares and educates her clients. Additionally, she has and may use many different methods during your visit. I highly recommend her and have been telling all my friends that they need to go see her. I can't wait to go back.
Felicia O.
Will definitely be back Excellent service, felt very relaxed, pain gone, would definitely come back again and again.
Alfred J.
A therapist who truly cares about you I first contacted Massage TLC in search of relief for some tension headaches that I had started suffering from. Although she was already booked for the next 2 days, Roberta took the time to spend a solid 5 minutes on the phone with me to suggest some stretching and trigger point techniques to alleviate my pain. I was so impressed with Roberta's empathy and knowledge that I scheduled an appointment for her next available opening. Upon receiving therapy, I was not only relieved of my ailments but also educated on how to prevent them moving forward. If you are looking for a therapist that truly cares about your well-being, I suggest giving Roberta a try.
Nicole C.
Super awesome! I was looking for a good massage therapist online when I came across Roberta, and decided to give her a try. I was delighted that she spends time to get to know you on a personal level. You're not just a number like you would be at a massage chain where they rush you out of the room before your time is up. Roberta takes the time necessary to get to the root of the problem, then advises you of options to help you stay well. She always knows just what type of massage you need to relieve your pain and stress (long term). I think she is super awesome!you out of the room before your time is up. Roberta takes the time necessary to get to the root of the problem, then advises you of options to help you stay well. She always knows just what type of massage yu need to relieve pain and stress (long term). I think she is super awesome!
Azam M.
One of the BEST massages I have ever gotten! Roberta is awesome. She never hurries you and spends time with you till you are satisfied. Great place--so peaceful and comfortable. Other massage places could learn something from Massage TLC. Keep up the great work!
Jim H.
What Roberta did was amazing My lower back pain was intolerable. I could not lay, sit or stand and walk without severe pain. I went to Roberta for help and what she did was amazing. I was virtually pain free after an hour of therapy. I was very impressed with her knowledge and understanding of all the different types of pains and treatments. Thanks Roberta.
Shalonda M.
She's a true lifesaver Roberta is a life saver. I had a migraine for 2 days and she worked her magic. By the end of the session I felt alive again
Chris R.
I highly recommend her services I had my first appointment with Roberta last week. I was interested in learning more about EFT, massage, and other techniques to help with my anxiety and chronic pain. I was amazed at all the alternative therapies she has experience with, and really believe she has the tools at hand to help people heal by reducing the stress response. I plan on using her services to help me through some difficult times I am going through. She really seems to care a lot about helping people. She spent way over an hour working with me and even did a free EFT phone consult before my appointment to show me how it works. I highly recommend her services.
Holly L.
An answer to prayer Massage TLC is an answer to a prayer. I met Roberta a few years ago at a holiday party she organized featuring merchants and vendors with various services and products. Roberta was providing massages and her line stayed "king" the entire evening. When I finally got my turn the experience was heaven sent. Roberta is more than massage therapist! Just recently, for Fathers' Day, I decided to gift my boyfriend with a Massage TLC experience. We are both definitely coming back on a regular basis!!!
Gwen R.
Sweet, caring, and so knowledgeable My first massage from Roberta was amazing. I had had severe neck and shoulder pain for months, and she was the first person who's been able to relieve it. Roberta uses several different techniques and they all complement each other to achieve excellent results. The atmosphere is calming and relaxing, and Roberta is very knowledgeable, as well as being a sweet and caring person.
Brandon K.
Love how she takes time to know you I recently hurt my lower back and went to see if Roberta could help. She administered treatment and the pain was reduced. Roberta is very easy to approach and is willing to sit down to understand what the problem is and how she can help. I certainly plan to go back to get further treatments.
Linda K.
What an amazing experience My wonderful kids gave me a one hour massage session for Christmas, and I just used it yesterday! What an amazing experience. Roberta really focused on what I said I needed, and was not satisfied until I left with NO pain or stress. Roberta has great talent, but most importantly has a very calming effect, which makes for a great experience!
Danielle B.
She is the best I am thankful to have found Roberta! She is the best at what she does and has a true gift. Her sole intent is to help alleviate any pain/stress/worry you may be experiencing. If you are hesitant to give her a chance, please don't hesitate to book an appointment. You will be thoroughly impressed and satisfied.
Terry S.
Definitely a World Class therapist Roberta definitely is a World Class therapist. You may feel the weight of the world is on your shoulders, but after a session at Massage TLC all your physical and emotional stress will feel like water under the bridge. Roberta's passion for her work is combined with the compassion she has for people in general. That's one combination that will guarantee you one of the best massage experiences you'll ever have.compassion that she has for people in general. Now that's one combination that will guarantee you one of the best massage experiences you'll ever have.
Sandy D.
The therapist with magical hands Thank You Roberta, your magical hands took away all my tension and left me feeling amazing. I almost didn't want to leave.
Mary Ellen D.
My experience was excellent! I didn't know why my neck was hurting as I didn't have a fall or anything, yet she not only fixed it but also helped me figure out what was causing the pain and gave me exercises and techniques to cope! Awesome! I would recommend her to anyone!
Sayble H.
Not your typical massage! Roberta spent extra time on me even though I only scheduled a one hour session. She paid extreme attention to detail and fixed issues I didn't even know I had! It was more of a trigger point massage, which actually relieved pain much better than an average massage. She also used a bit of reflexology and hot stones on my back. Overall, I was very impressed with how professional and caring Roberta was. She really does care about her clients and provides the absolute best service. I definitely recommend her!
Alice M.
I left with no pain and refreshed Roberta was great! I left her massage session without any pain! I left feeling so refreshed! Thank you!!!
Jill M.
Outstanding Massage I recently had an outstanding massage from Roberta! She is very professional, intuitive and has a healing touch. I would highly recommend her to anyone in need of a massage. Her studio is lovely, a perfect environment for relaxation. A great experience from beginning to end!" Thanks Roberta!
Shiney P.
Roberta is great!! Roberta is great!! My mom and I really enjoyed our sessions.
Rebecca T.
Extremely kind and knowledgeable Roberta is extremely kind and knowledgeable. I only wish I could visit her more! The feeling of having someone care for every individual that enters through her door is so wonderful as opposed to the typical "cattle call" experience at so many places these days. Roberta also offers many therapies that simply enhance her fabulous massages :)
Byron W.
Roberta did an amazing job As a person that works out 5 times a week, it was awesome that she knew exactly where my muscle tension was without me having to tell her. It was almost as though she was having a conversation with my muscles themselves. After the massage all of my muscle soreness was gone.
Gene T.
The best results ever Due to extensive degenerative disk problems resulting in several decades of pain in my lower back, I have had many massages by a number of different therapists. I have never encountered better results than when working with Roberta at Massage TLC. She is very knowledgeable, sensitive, and always does more than what I pay for. She is a joy to work with and I highly recommend her.
Eric F.
Roberta is an awesome therapist I came in expecting a standard, run-of-the-mill full body massage. She sat down with me before hand and really listened to me explain my pain areas. Her focus was to eliminate all of my pain. She proceeded to target the worst areas and I regained all of my range of motion with no pain. I'm looking forward to my next visit!
Heather H.
The best massage therapist I have found Roberta is the best massage therapist I have found! She is so knowledgeable about all things healing. Every time I see her she finds my exact problem areas and relieves them. The atmosphere is so relaxing. She always goes above and beyond to make sure you are happy and feeling wonderful.
Felecia H.
A heavenly atmosphere and gifted therapist Gifted is certainly one of the words that immediately come to mind when I think of Roberta. She truly has been blessed with a gift that only comes from God. The peaceful atmosphere at Massage TLC is second to none. I am so grateful to have found her. I invite all to come and escape into a heavenly atmosphere.
Ronnie H.
She goes above and beyond This was my first time to see Roberta and the hour I spent with her was indeed an hour well spent. Roberta did a great job in pointing out where my aches and pains were coming from, and explained what she was doing to fix the problem. Roberta continued to work on the areas to bring the pain level down to a 0, even if it required going past our scheduled hour. I am looking forward to the next session.
Leti A.
Roberta was amazing I did not know what to expect, but since I had a lot of stress, I figured this might be good for me. It was actually the most calming and relaxed message I have ever experienced. Roberta took the time to talk to me about what was going on in my life and was genuinely caring, compassionate, and professional. I felt a true connection with her as she put me at ease. My tense muscles were relaxed for the first time in weeks. I left with no stress or pain. Thank you Roberta.
Marc S.
No Better Therapist in DFW Roberta is fantastic! Aches and tightness from my exercise routine was hindering my progress. Roberta took the time to listen and help me understand what those aches and tightness were telling me, and she really took care and helped resolve my problems. You 
Frank M.
Far better than I had expected The morning before I saw Roberta I could barely walk, having strained my calf muscles. Prior to starting my session my expectation was just to be able to walk a little better and have a little pain relief. Immediately after the session my pain was reduced by 75% and I walked about 50% better. By the next day it was as if I had never had the strain!
Mike O.
She truly listened and cared Roberta of Massage TLC was amazing! She truly listened to what I wanted in my deep tissue massage and regularly asked me if it was deep enough. She cared and had great compassion and the wisdom to know just what I needed. I will be a returning customer.
Carol M.
She's great!!! I count Roberta as a dear friend now!! She has helped me immensely! She is both very professional and knowledgeable. I would recommend her to anyone, whether you are looking for relaxation or therapeutic massage - or both!!! She's great!!
Daniel R.
After finding Roberta I go nowhere else Roberta is a wonderful therapist who took time to discover my history and needs. Other therapists interview you, but in the end simply apply the one technique they know best as they try to make your problem fit their solution. Roberta listens each time I see her, and then applies a range of therapies that actually fit the problem. As an over-50 athletic individual, I have relied upon Roberta's skills and care to keep me running and rock climbing. Without a good therapist I could not participate in these demanding activities. When I moved to the DFW area I went through 15 differing therapists, hoping to find one with the range of skills necessary to address my problems; yet I never saw one twice. Since my first visit with Roberta, I have seen no other therapist, as I have no need to look beyond Massage TLC. I am now running and climbing several times a week, and more than in many years. Thanks Roberta!
Julie R.
Exactly what I was looking for Roberta was amazing, kind, and exactly what I was looking for in massage therapy. I can't wait to come back! Thank you!!
Pritha A.
I can't say Thank You enough Words don't mean anything when a person is so blessed with this gift. I feel grateful to have been touched by this. THANK YOU Roberta. I look forward to seeing you again soon.
Maria J.
The best massage therapist I have ever been to Roberta is the best licensed massage therapist I have ever had! I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking to release some stress!
Tine F.
Highly recommend Being that this was my very first massage, the bar is set very high. Roberta is wonderful. I will recommend her always.
Chuck J.
Would recommend to anyone Best massage I've ever had. I would recommend this to anyone.
Rebecca P.
Roberta was EXCELLENT! She made me feel really comfortable from the get-go. She did some amazing trigger point on my back. I've never let any one touch my back simply because it tickled and was painful, but she took the pain away. It was amazing! I really enjoyed my time with her, and I would recommend her to anyone.
Clinton C.
Truly amazing It was my first professional massage, and it was amazing. I will definitely recommend to my friends, and be back for another one.
Johna B.
Massage TLC is the answer Best massage ever. If you are looking for Zen and relaxation, Massage TLC is the answer.
Linda S.
Roberta is amazing I came in tied up in knots of stress and left feeling a ragdoll! It’s amazing what Roberta accomplished in an hour and a half. I highly recommend making an appointment.
Mary R.
The most amazing massages Roberta gives the most amazing massages! I highly recommend you try her!
Chris P.
A wonderful massage experience Roberta provides a wonderful massage experience. My deep tissue massage was firm, and included cups and hot stones, A very nice touch. Her room and table are very comfortable. I look forward to returning very soon. I've had lots of massages over the years, and I highly recommend Roberta.
Meg S.
Soooo Amazing! Professional, very clean, quiet, great value! I just melted. Roberta used Chinese cups to loosen the muscles around my spine and it helped so much! Roberta has created such an escape from the daily stresses. I'll definitely be going back for another full body massage!
Barry B.
The best place for a great massage Roberta provides Excellent Service, and she is very professional and extremely knowledgeable about her craft. Highly Recommend her to any and all who need a great message
Denise M.
A great therapist with a wealth of knowledge I have been to the award-winning spa at JW Marriott Camelback Inn in Scottsdale, Arizona and I can comfortably say that my experience at Massage TLC is a match. The ambiance and aura are simply amazing. I usually arrive stressed and with aches and pains. I leave totally relaxed and usually pain free. Roberta is not only a highly skilled massage therapist, but she also truly cares about her clients. I have had hundreds of massages in my life and I rank her among the “Top Five Massage Therapists.” She easily identifies issues (e.g. knots in neck and shoulder area) and applies the technique best suited for her client. Her wide range of specialties allow for an awesome massage experience.